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There are projects that are born on the drawing board, built step by step, in laboratories, in brainstorming sessions.
For Mountainsailing, it’s a different story, just two friends, two passions, and the desire to combine them. Carlo Gabasio (Mountain Guide) and Paolo Falco (sailor) have known each other forever and for thirty years they have honed their passions, maturing them with love and respect for nature. Then the opportunity arises to mix them in the great Arctic shaker.
Paolo wants to test himself with navigation in the North and Carlo accompanies him, providing his expertise. In both of them, the awareness grows that sailing and mountain not only can coexist but collaborate to make a travel experience more complete and closer to their ideal of nature.
Three summers wandering between Scandinavia, Svalbard, Iceland, and Greenland to explore, sail, climb, and ski have convinced them that they are living their passions to the fullest. From this journey, a book, a documentary, and the desire to share the experience with others were born, even by bringing it to more easily reachable latitudes.

Thus, in 2016, MountainSailing was born, the spontaneous brand of this synergy between mountains and waves, stone and water, land and sea. Today, MountainSailing trips have reached a targeted programming divided between spring, summer, and autumn and are a flagship of the proposals of Overalp Outdoor Tour Operator, where the winning ingredients are: safety, professionalism, friendliness, and originality of proposals.

About Us

Paolo Falco

I was born a wanderer and in love with nature. If you are born that way in Genova, you become a sailor. In Biella, you become someone who goes to the mountains, first to know what is behind that ridge that oppresses you, then the horizons open up. So you follow physical maps, where there are many close contour lines, there you go to explore.

Carlo Gabasio

Climbing to the top of a tree, to prove you are stronger than a friend, to be able to see as far as possible, or just because it was fun to defy gravity. Who as a child has not tried to climb the apple tree in the garden? Over the years, even the tallest tree was never high enough, so you discover that walls and mountains are much higher than trees and allow you to continue playing even as a grown-up child.