Overalp is a Tour Operator formed by a team of experts who are passionate about the mountains and the outdoors.

Carlo Gabasio

Born in Biella, Alpine Guide for almost 30 years, he has been training new Alpine Guides since 1997

Carlo held the prestigious position of Course Director in Alpine Guide Training until 2021. His connections with experts of the field turned out to be essential for the creation of a pool of professional guides that now co-operate with Overalp. During his life, Carlo has lead groups of people all over the world, from the Italian Alps to Patagonia, Alaska, New Zealand and even to the Arctic. In Overalp, he is in charge of creating more technical tours, choosing new partners and producing media content for the website and social pages.


Stefano Maffeo

Biellese at heart, Stefano is a geologist and focuses on hydrogeological studies and land use planning in Northern Italy.

He has always been a great communicator with a passion for education, which led him to found Equipe Arc-en-Ciel under the scientific guide of Luca Mercalli, long time friend of his. The group aims to promote scientific dissemination and environmental education by creating educational workshops and events.
The scientific experience that he gained through the years allowed him to get in touch with Collegio Nazionale delle Guide Alpine, and eventually to become the instructor of the scientific courses that every one who wants to become Guida Alpina, Guida di media montagna e Guida Naturalistica has to attend.
Stefano has supported the project of Overalp since the beginning and is the creator of MoltoBuono Experiences.

Paolo Falco

Paolo Falco

I was born a wanderer and in love with nature.

If you are born that way in Genova, you become a sailor. In Biella, you become someone who goes to the mountains, first to know what is behind that ridge that oppresses you, then the horizons open up. So you follow physical maps, where there are many close contour lines, there you go to explore
Then in 2006 the purchase of Quicksilver, a 16-meter aluminum cutter, the definitive boat, the adventure machine, the self-sufficient means. I find her in Croatia, but Scotland becomes her base. From there we leave for three summers in the North, Svalbard, Iceland, and Greenland. Mountain and sea find their balance, an affectionate coexistence. Finally, the two ways of experiencing nature that have fought for years to get my attention have mixed in a single formidable color. The mountain explored starting from my small, mobile refuge. Twenty lines, forty years of experience, why not share them with others ?