Sailing – Exploring – Trekking
3 / 14 August e 14 / 21 August 2023


Scorebysund Scorebysund is the largest fjord in the world and gives access to the circumnavigation of Milne Land, an island 17 times the size of Elba. It is certainly one of the wildest and most remote areas of the planet, impossible to reach and visit except with a sailboat equipped for Arctic navigation. This proposal differs from the others of Mountainsailing by taking the form of a real expedition. The latitude, the climate and the presence of ice along the route can completely modify the program, therefore a strong spirit of adaptation and willingness to share choices and strategies with us is necessary to successfully complete the journey. Our experience on this itinerary in 2022 was positive and great, so much so that we want to propose it again in 2023.

Mountainsailing, Trekking
Number of participants
Min 4

3.500 EUR per person “Long program”

3.000 Eur per person “Short program”

Activity duration
14 days / 13 nights Long program - 8 days 7 short program

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