Essence of the Alps
Bessa and the gold of the Romans


The western side of the Serra d’Ivrea is known for its gold sediments.
This morainic hill is the biggest of its kind in Europe, and it was formed by the melting of the Balteo glacier which, in addition to creating a new landscape, carried the gold that was once held in the Monte Rosa Massif.

Once the Romans found the precious metal, they quickly developed a network of mines from which they extracted tons of gold.

We are going to try to find our own nuggets and specks as our ancestors did thousands of years ago, and we will then enjoy some products such as cheese, juice, and honey from the local La Soleggiata farm.

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Essence of the Alps
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Minimum 2, maximum 10 people

EUR 180 per person

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1-day activity - dates upon request

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